Choosing ‘Art’ For A Living

Theatre is a gem of an artform. Anyone who has seen a staged play live knows it can be likened to magic.

Kentillia Louis is an Artistic director, lecturer, manager and curriculum officer advocating for and enriching Arts and Culture in Saint Lucia...


'I Am Here': An Interview With Keisha Scarville

Keisha Scarville is a photo and multimedia artist who alters and reforms the perception of regular items through themes of transformation, migration and displacement.


Why I Can't Get Enough of Princess Nokia

"Once a journalist and photographer, she also hosted the Smart Girl Club podcast where she echoed the importance andfundamental components of self love and self care – encouraging listeners to connect with their spiritual selves.”


Interview w/ Caribbean Filmmaker Pierre Chester

"Being on set is a great feeling, with everybody coming together and making a script come to life, it’s a rush.”


Choosing Art No Matter What

"There are actually different reasons for me pushing myself to continue…trying to be an inspiration to others especially those younger than myself to show them that even if it’s difficult and people tell you otherwise that you should always believe in yourself and do what makes you happy, do what makes you feel complete."


TV + Movies

How To Enhance Your Directing Process

Young, Saint Lucian filmmaker, Imran St Brice, shares the lessons he learned while directing his first film project "Secure".


Women Who Do – In the Era of Internet, TV and Film

"What had really fascinated me about Issa Rae was not the laughs she provided, but the realization that ... she had orchestrated the filming..."


Loving Chiron

"While I was devouring the film scene by scene, Sanders' performance forced me to question myself; What pre-conceived ideas did I have when it came to the images of black men? What expectations did I hold on how these men were supposed to move through the world? "



A (2017) Take on Toni Morrison's Beloved

"Loaded. Important. Spell binding. Toni Morrison's Beloved receives no stars from me because it defies the commonness of star ratings and exists outside the classifying lines of “fictional novels”.



The Essence of the West Indies Captured in 16 Songs

It is nearly impossible to avoid looking back longingly at the 90s. It may have been the absence of advance technology ...


5 Caribbean Art Festivals To Look Out For

"In the hopes of one day having a more than thriving Art culture here in the Caribbean, I went searching for consistently held regional Art Festivals"


I Will Be The Hero In My Story

"Becoming ones own Hero sounds a bit romantic, but it is an expression and declaration of a willingness to go “all in” on a bet on oneself."


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