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Pierre graduated from the University of The West Indies (UWI), where he studied Film Production, in 2015. There, he worked on film projects like “Juliet’s Woe” and “Unexpected” contributing as a Director, Editor, Writer and Cinematographer. Post UWI his journey as a filmmaker continues.


PS: Some people develop an insatiable love for film during childhood, was that the case for you? Did you always know you wanted to make flms? How did this interest come about?

Pierre: Actually, it wasn’t, I had no intentions as a young boy to make movies or anything. My initial interest started when I started working at Choice TV as a cameraman and editor and experiencing the magical process of creating a video. This sent me on a journey of watching music videos and movies with a different eye and figuring out how they did it and eventually put it into practice.


PS: I know the process to see a film through to its completion can be a long one. Which part of this process do you most enjoy? Also, what part/(s) of filmmaking do you specialize in?

Pierre: Favourite part of the filmmaking process would have to be the production phase. Being on set is a great feeling, with everybody coming together and making a script come to life, it’s a rush. I like shooting and directing above all.


PS: The journey to becoming a filmmaker looks different for everyone, some happen into it, others nurture their skills in an academic environment. a) What made you decide to go to Film School?

Pierre: To be honest I went to film school in order to get a degree so that I could get paid more than I was making at my job. But once I got there, a passion grew in me that surpassed the need for “more money”.


PS: People often like to question an artist’s ability to make a living from their work, when you did decide to study film and pursue it thereafter, did you ever feel held back by this notion?

Pierre: I always say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I believe that. With having work experience before going to film school, I understood already how I could make a living off filmmaking and video production. The filmmaking knowledge is really icing on the cake. I’ve never understood or believed in the “starving artist”plight, anything can be sold or can make you money. Innovation is key.


PS: I imagine that there are others who may be considering undergoing UWI’s Film Program, can you describe what it was like studying Film at the University of the West Indies? How did it impact you?

Pierre: At first, it was not what I had expected. I was thinking big time Hollywood type of schooling, but alas, it was Caribbean. That in itself was good, with Trinidad having a growing film industry, you get to learn and work in an environment that is familiar and relatable. Being there made me proud to be a part of a fairly new film programme, a first of its kind in the Caribbean.


PS: As a person who has lived in different parts of the Caribbean, what are your thoughts on the film culture and environment here? (Caribbean as a whole or just the two countries you’ve lived in) What would you eventually like to see our Film Industry grow into?

Pierre: Well it’s a lot different here in St. Lucia than in Trinidad. St. Lucia’s film industry has only just started to form (fetus stage), in comparison to Trinidad’s which is developing and expanding. We’re on the right path, however, we need more persons certified in the field to grow it and hopefully be part of what’s happening in Trinidad and the rest of the Caribbean as it pertains to film.

(Quick Answer)

PS: What film genre(s) would you say is your favourite?

Pierre: My favourite genre would be comedy and psychological thrillers.


PSIf you were told that for the rest of your life you could only watch 3 movies excluding your own, which 3 would you choose?

PierreThat’s easy, 1, Fight Club. 2, Pulp Fiction. 3, Inception. And a wild card would be “Don’t be a menace in south central while drinking your juice in the hood”.


PSAre you working on any projects now that you are particularly excited about?

Pierre: Not at the moment.


PSAt the moment, do you have a ‘dream project’ in mind? 

Pierre: One of my goals is to own my own Film Studio right here in the Caribbean.


PS: Any film directors serve as inspiration for you?

Pierre: I’m not really big on directors but those who stand out to me are: Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee.


PS: When you aren’t working on films, what are you doing?

Pierre: As far as work, I would be working on music videos, commercials and other video projects. I recently developed a liking for reading, so I do that in my spare time as well as listen to music.


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