Deja John
Deja John



She speaks the colonizer’s tongue?
You question her tongue?
Helen was fought for 14 times over,
She was forced to learn no other,
Shamed to speak the other.

She speaks the colonizer’s tongue?
You question her tongue,
Or her look?
Specify which one,
I can explain the two in detail for you.

She speaks the colonizer’s tongue?
You question her tongue
But I’d think you’re unsure of her intellect.
She had to survive;
Clenching what was left of her modesty
For a voice, the pen was her way.

Her look and her tongue are one.
They are dressed in expression of the heart,
Stand with pride of historical lionesses
Her silence snatches the very essence of the Omega!
But yes, she speaks the colonizer’s tongue.



Deja John is a Saint Lucian writer, artist and founder of D’splashZone.
“D’splashZone endeavours to tie the knot between visual arts and literature (poetry) . In this space we hope to encourage collaborations between visual artists and writers, so that once you have seen the image you make an association to a particular written piece and vice versa. The reasoning behind this; most sites often separate the arts, which is fine, but unifying them captures more beauty and evokes more appreciation. Also, in a digital culture where we are attracted, even bombarded by visual stimulants, we hope this helps to keep written beauty alive. 
“D’splash Weekly- would display our usual weekly posts of in house art.
“D’splash Featured- will showcase collaborations with other artists.”
 Webesite: https://caribbeanhoydentravels.com/ (D’splashZone)
 Instagram : dsplashzone
 Facebook: D’splashzone


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